I'm Making a New Record!!!

YES, it’s been 13 years since I made a truly solo record.  Don’t bother looking for my old work, it’s not out there anymore.  And if you already have it, well... good on you and thank you!  Since then it’s been a few wonderful years with Greg Mayo and The Groove, then The Greg Mayo Band.  Then followed by Brooklyn Sugar Company.  In addition to writing and recording with these lovely people, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to produce records for other artists in a plethora of styles. I’ve acquired somewhat of a sound along the way.  SO, I finally feel ready to put out something with my name on it. 

    I’ve been telling friends it’s somewhat of a Producer record, in the lineage of Quincy Jones and Mark Ronson.  I’ve been writing and co-writing with some of my very favorite people, who also happen to be some of the most talented people I’ve ever met.  Some songs will feature other singers, some will be just little-old-me.  What style? Who cares!  What topics?  Whatever we feel like!  I’m just trying to make music that I would want to hear.  I’ll be releasing the tunes in A/B side singles starting soon, STAY TUNED! 

Otherwise - Spring has sprung!  And the rain is following me around the country and around the world.  Paris last week, it hailed TWICE in 1 day.  Atlanta, thunderstorms.  This week, Detroit... Gorgeous!  haha I’m having a blast. 

      Runaway to Paradise with Jon Bon Jovi was a HUGE hit.  4 and a half days on a cruise ship, Miami to the Bahamas - playing tunes for the best fans in the world.  Catching rays and drinking rosé. Catch the next one!  Sailing from Barcelona to Mallorca at the end of August! 

Next week I’m in Detroit, back with REVOLUTION: A SYMPHONIC BEATLES EXPERIENCE.  SO much fun to play that music, backed by a few of my favorite people and a damn SYMPHONY.  If you find yourself in Detroit next week (or Minneapolis next month), come on out and see us! Check my tour dates for season 2 starting in October! 

Check back for updates! I promise I’ll write here more often ;) Thank you!  GM