The Off-Season

Hey all!! 
So, this was supposed to be the 'off-season' for work and gigging.  Not as many parties, weddings, or gigs to play.  Just a long driveway to shovel again and again... and again.  But that lovely picture of a January/February seems to be anything but the truth. 

- First, a former student of mine, Megan Talay (who has become an wonderful guitar player/singer/songwriter and friend) asked me to help her finish recording her debut collection of songs.  She nailed it, of course.  My good friend Jonathan Jetter of Right Angle Recording did an incredible job mixing, and it should be entering your ears any day now!

- I also produced a track for my good friend, Kasey Williams, called Kiss Me.  A sweet, sexy, jazzy, bluesy track we did here at GnM Studios.  It is available for download as we speak!  Also, check out the music video! 

And of course, BSKI and ItsTheReal are both coming along nicely.  I'll keep you updated!
Thanks for checking in! 

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