Mixing it up!

     When young people ask me what the daily life of musician is like, I never know what to say.  Truly, no two days are alike, not in the slightest.  I got back from the Leslie DiNicola tour in January and…

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Kanjiklub...? Kanjiklub!

     A couple years ago, during both of our 4th viewings of The Force Awakens, one of my best pals, Zach Jones whispered to me, ‘that’s a pretty good band name’... and ‘that’s a good name for a song’. Kanjiklub and…

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LOTS to discuss... Wow. I've been spending more time in the studio than I ever could have hoped for.  It's been an AMAZING few months.  And the fruits of my friends and my labor are starting to mature into buyable…

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Teddy Bear Fresh

When I make beats or instrumentals, I usually label the tracks with the date because I have no idea what to name it otherwise. I don't know what it's going to sound like.  Eric Rosenthal, Jeff Rosenthal and I (AKA …

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Airports…  there’s never the right amount of time that you’re sitting and waiting for your flight.  Either you get there way too early and you’re waiting for hours, watching Star Wars in full before boarding the plane, or you’re racing…

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BSKi Debut Record!! Plus ItsTheReal show!

That's right!  BSKi's debut record is out in the world!!  Thank you so much to everyone who picked up a copy.  We're so proud of it, so excited by the response it's received.  Check it out, and spread the…Read more

GREG MAYO BAND - Christmas Spectacular!! DEC 17

364 days will have passed since the last time we did this thing... And I think we've finally recovered. It's time again for the GREG MAYO BAND CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR!! This year, bigger than ever! 

Special guests include - Paul…

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Live News! Studio News!

Hey hey!  I've got to be better about writing updates here... My apologies if you happen to look at this site more than once every 3 months! I got back yesterday from Norway and 3 INCREDIBLE shows with BernhoftRead more

2 Posts In A Week?! Because Norway! That's Why!

Hey again!  So I mentioned a few days ago that I produced a tune for a wonderful trans-Atlantic duo - Freedom Bremner and Arvid Martinsen. Well, it's here!  It'll be available on iTunes on July 7th when the tune is…Read more

Hot Town, Summer In The City

It's been 9 months since my last post... and if anyone was checking back regularly, they might be pissed!  But I think all 2 of you can rest happy knowing that the reason is I've been working like crazy!  There's…Read more