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My phone has never blown up more in my life.  I've played some big stages in my day, but never something like this.  The Biden inauguration team got in touch with JBJ and asked if he'd be interested in performing during the Celebrating America broadcast on January 20th.  He called us, we flew down to Florida and filmed a little ditty.  It looked like this - 

What an incredible honor to be a part of that broadcast. It's an experience I won't ever forget.

2020 I forgot to mention... 

One of the many things I’m so thankful for this year was to have been a part of Bon Jovi‘s 2020 ‘tour’. By that I mean a few days of rehearsal, and then shooting/recording live versions of the new album on a soundstage in Nashville. The concert has since been released on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc… and songs have been aired on a bunch of network television shows. Check it out on your favorite personal screen! Search ‘On A Night Like This - Bon Jovi’ and you’ll be all set! 

The album is fantastic, and so much fun to play. I got a chance to stretch out on keyboards, guitar, mandolin, and vocals. I just tried to fit in wherever I was needed. Huge thanks to the band and crew for making me feel so welcome, and especially David’s tech, Bill, for helping me understand his spaceship of a keyboard rig.

I also had a chance to play on Jon Bon Jovi's Christmas EP - A Jon Bon Jovi Christmas! He got in touch with me and the crew to come over and play live together a handful of Christmas classics. 
After a joyous afternoon of playing through these tunes - he asked me to overdub a couple things at home for the release! 
It’s truly and honor and a great pleasure to play with these incredible folks whenever I get to. It’s something I do not take for granted. 

So, when you’re huddled around the fire (with hopefully VERY FEW family members), throw this record on and enjoy! 

Christmas All Over - 
JBJ - Vox and Guitar 
Lorenza Ponce - Vox and Violin 
Carl Gentry - Vox and Piano 
Everett Bradley - Vox and Percussion 
Me - Vox, 12-string Guitar, Bass, Drums 

If I Get Home On Christmas Day 
JBJ - Vox 
Lorenza - Violin 
Carl - Piano 
Everett - Percussion 
Me - Guitar 

Fairytale Of New York 
JBJ - Vox and Guitar 
Lorenza - Vox and Violin 
Carl - Vox and Guitar 
Everett - Vox and Percussion 
Me - Vox, Piano and Mandolin


For my 5th single of this little project of mine, I partnered with my good friend Paul Loren.  He's an incredible singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, arranger and all around renaissance man.  I called back a few of my favorite people to play on this one as well.  Check it out wherever you stream your favorite music!

Carry You With Me 

Single #4 of this little project of mine is finished and out in the world!  My very good friend Hannah Winkler and I wrote this tune together over the past couple months.  It's been an absolute honor working with her on this project -













With all the chaos and uncertainty going on in the world
When we cannot be together in times of trouble, when we cannot touch hands, hold each other, or wipe away tears, please know—
I carry you with me. Your heart is tied to mine. 
A little new music for your soul today, with love from me and Hannah 

The Kids In The Back!! New MUSIC! 

Rock and Roll will ruin your life if you let it. Please won’t you let it?
I am so incredibly honored and grateful that I get to work with two of my musical and personal idols, Martin Rivas and Zach Jones 
A song of our love of rock and roll, and the quest for SONGS that keeps us alive. Martin put it best - 
A celebration of the ones who make rock and roll, well, rock and roll. The dusty-record-bin hunters, seeking salvation in every sound on the platter and every image on the sleeve... the diehard arena gods of the future, cutting their teeth in poorly-soundproofed garages and rickety venues across the globe... the kids too young to cheer up front, relegated to the back of the club but screaming loudest nonetheless....” 
Give it a listen(or 10), won’t you?! - Available at all your favorite online retailers and streaming services!