Below is some of the music I've made over the past few years.  Some of it I produced.  Some of it I wrote and recorded for a 'pitch'.  Some of it is instrumentals or beats I've made for sale or for placement. I'll keep it updated as best I can, and I'll try and explain where each project came from and what role I played on it.  Full discography HERE.

The Robbie Gil Band, 'Happy' EP2 (April 2018) - 
I've been playing guitar (along side Brooklyn Sugar Co.) in Robbie's band for over 7 years now.  This is the 2nd of 4 EP's he asked me to engineer, produce and mix. Done almost exclusively at GnM studios. 

Suzi Shelton, Hand In Hand (May 2018)-
New York based kindie rock artist, Suzi Shelton tapped Dan Weiner and I to produce her latest record.  We co-engineered and co- mixed it as well as played most of the instruments.  All the work was done at GnM Studios and Pencilworks (in Greenpoint, Brooklyn).

ItsTheReal, Teddy Bear Fresh (2017) -
I've been working with ItsTheReal for over 10 years.  I've produced just about every piece of original music content from the beginning.  Teddy Bear Fresh is the first official album we've made.  Made entirely at GnM Studios! 



- Older work that I'm proud of - released by various artists I've worked with over the years -