Born and raised only miles from New York City, Greg grew up in a musical household. The son of legendary musician Bob Mayo (of Peter Frampton, Hall and Oates, Foreigner and others), he’s had it in his blood, and at his fingertips. Since studying jazz and studio composition at The Hartt School of Music and The Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase, he has been living and working in the New York music scene for 15 years.

In addition to producing for and performing in countless projects scattered across the musical spectrum,  Greg plays guitar and sings in Brooklyn Sugar Company, a rock and roll band based in New York. Greg also leads an old school soul band appropriately called Greg Mayo Band singing and playing piano.  In the last year he's produced records for soul singer BSKi, hip hop group ItsTheReal, and rock/folk artist Robbie Gil

Over the years, Greg has cut his teeth alongside some of the world's best musicians.  Recently he produced music for Masked Singer,  the new FOX series slated to debut in January 2019.  As well as teaching master classes at his Alma Mater (the Conservatory of Music at SUNY Purchase), he just wrapped 10 years of teaching at the prestigious Lagond Music School in Westchester, New York.  Since early 2017, Greg's been performing with Jon Bon Jovi in his band Kings of Suburbia, as well as his acoustic outfit Jon Bon Jovi and Friends.   He also has been playing with the legendary jazz-rock band Blood Sweat and Tears with whom he's been on and off the road.  Most recently Greg signed on perform in Revolution: Beatles Symphonic Experience.  Each month, a new city and a different symphony performing Beatles hits with a symphony orchestra!  Check it out!


Akie Bermiss & Greg Mayo - Alone Again SINGLE (October 2019) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming etc...
The Masked Singer Season 1 - (FOX TV series winter 2019) - various instruments/production/engineering on numerous backing tracks for the show
Lohai - Live from Mason Jar Music - (February 2019) - Guitar 

Greg and Steven Present The Christmas EP - (December 2018) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming etc...
Bad (The Band) - Refresher single - (December 2018) - Guitar, Keyboards, Moog Bass
The Robbie Gil Band - Happy? Side C EP - (November 2018) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
BSKi - You Haven't Done Nothin' political action video - (November 2018) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, all instruments and Programming (except saxophone and vocals)
BSKi - You're a Dream To Wake Up To single - (August 2018)Production, Engineering, Mixing, all instruments and Programming
The Robbie Gil Band - Happy? Side B EP - (April 2018) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Suzi Shelton - Hand In Hand (May 2018) - Co-production, Co-engineering, Co-mixing, programming, guitars, keyboards, bass etc...

Kanjiklub - Back To Jakku - (December 2017) - Co-Production, Engineering, Mixing, Co-Songwriting, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals etc...
The Robbie Gil Band - Happy? Side A EP - (December 2017) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Zach Jones and The Tricky Bits - Are You A Hologram EP - (2017) Mixing, additional engineering
Talay - TALAY EP - (2017) - Co-production, Guitar
ItsTheReal - Teddy Bear Fresh - (2017) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, all instruments and programming
Talay - I Hope Your Band Goes Nowhere single - (2017) - Co-production, Guitar
ItsTheReal - WACO single (2017) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, all instruments and programming
Talay - Parents House single and video - (2017) - Co-production, Guitar, Keyboards

On The Sun - Bird On A Wire single - (2016) - Mixing
BSKI - Keep It Light EP (2016) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, all programming and a lot of the instruments 
BSKi feat. Greg Mayo and Steven Salcedo - Mary Christmas single (2016) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, All instruments and programming (except saxophones) for Arte Amor Holiday Benefit Record
ItsTheReal - Dave Matthews Bands (2016) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, all instruments and programming (except saxophone)
Freedom Bremner/Arvid Martinsen - Brother From Another Mother single (2016) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Guitar, Keyboards, Programming
Brooklyn Sugar Company - Women and Wine single (2016) - Co-writing, Co-production, Mixing, Guitar, Backing Vocals
Andrew Morstein - Honeybee and Other Love Songs (2016) - Guitar and Keyboards

Jem & The Holograms - Truly Outrageous - A Tribute to Starlight Records (2015) - Production, Engineering, Writing, All instruments and programming
     LoveSick - performed by Chrissi Poland
     All In The Style - performed by Ben Thornewill
     Glitter & Gold - performed by Suzanna Choffel
     Beat This - performed by Alice Lee
Kasey Williams - 'Kiss Me' single (2015) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, Guitar, Bass, Piano
Elle Morgan - SouLchiLd (2015) - Guitar
Megan Talay - Piece By Piece EP (2015) - Additional Production, Engineering, Guitar, Keyboards, Bass

Greg Mayo - Come On Over (It's Christmastime) single (2014) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, All instruments and programming (except saxophones) for Fieldhouse Holiday Benefit Record
BSKI - Villancico Yaucano single (2014) - Production, Engineering, Mixing for Fieldhouse Holiday Benefit Record
Alex Berger - Anticipate EP (2014) - Guitars
Suzi Shelton - Smile In My Heart (2014) - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Emmy Wildwood - Mean Love EP (2014) - Co-Production, Engineering, Mixing, Performing
Amy Rivard - Where I Am (2014) - Guitar on 'I Got Your Back Love'
ItsTheReal - Girls With The Dirty Souths single (2014) - Production, Engineering, Mixing

2013 (and older)
ItsTheReal - Jews for Jesus Piece single (2013) - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Sam King - Dear Lucy EP (2013) - Lap Steel guitar 'One Night Stand'
Brendan James - Simplify (2013) - Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Organ
Brooklyn Sugar Company - Self Titled (2013) - Guitar, Vocals, Production, Engineering
Robbie Gil - Live at Rockwood Music Hall (2013) - Guitar, Backing Vocals
ItsTheReal - Urbane Outfitters (2013) - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart - Self Titled - Piano, Wurlitzer, Backing Vocals on 'Books', 'It's Not Wrong' and 'How Can I'
Martin Rivas - Reliquary (2012) - Electric Guitar on 'Cmon While We're Young' and 'Life's About to Imitate Art'
Delta Rae - Carry the Fire (2012) - Electric Guitar on 'If I Loved You'
The Jimmies - Mama Said Nog You Out (2011) - Guitar, Piano
Patrick Firth - Your Fairlight - (2011) - Co-Producing, Engineering, Mixing, Guitar
Jon Hugo - Ready (2011) - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Larry Stevens - Mercer Street EP (2011) - Guitar, Piano and Engineering on 'Always You', 'Love For You', 'I Don't Want To Waste Your Time' and 'Feel It'
Chris Ayer - Warmer single (2010) - Engineering, Guitar
Morgan Holland - Feel OK EP (2010) - Engineering, Mixing, Guitar, Keyboards
Matt Simons - Single of the Week Series (2010) - Engineering, Mixing, Guitar
The Thang - Bonafide (2010) - Production, Engineering, Mixing
Greg Mayo Band - Sampler EP (2009) - Production, Engineering, Mixing  Keyboards, Vocals, Horn Arranging
Brothers McCann - Different Colors (2009) - Production, Engineering, Mixing, String Arranging
Larry Stevens - Downstairs at Mayo's (2008) - Production, Engineering, Guitar, Keyboards
Greg Mayo Band - Universal Communication (2008) - Production, Keyboards, Vocals, Horn Arranging
... and more I'm forgetting at the moment...

Bands / Artists

Artists/Bands Greg is playing with / has played with - 

Jon Bon Jovi and Friends 
Kings of Suburbia (with Jon Bon Jovi) 
Blood Sweat and Tears 
Leslie DiNicola 
Brooklyn Sugar Company 
Greg Mayo Band 
Robbie Gil 
Human Natural
Amanda Brown
Liz Longley 
Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart 
Martin Rivas 
Sierra Noble 
Evan Watson 
John Schmitt 
Matt Simons 
Chris Ayer 
Megan Talay 
Elle Morgan 
Larry Stevens 
The Thang 
Lizzy Loeb 
Lorenza Ponce 
Mary C and The Stellars 
Brothers McCann 
Sam King 
Jay Stolar 
The Renovaters 
Cooper Boone 
Two Shots Of Rye 
Matthew Pop 
Amanda Shaw 
... and many others