Airports…  there’s never the right amount of time that you’re sitting and waiting for your flight.  Either you get there way too early and you’re waiting for hours, watching Star Wars in full before boarding the plane, or you’re racing down the Van Wick (at 15mph, it’s top speed given the traffic) hoping you’re going to make it on time. 

    Anyway, I’m usually the former, as I am this morning.  I’m beyond Thunderdome at LaGuardia Airport in NYC (construction is outta control here) heading to Atlanta for the day.  So I decided to take this time to finally update you all a little more on what I’ve been doing. 

     Well… TALAY has been kicking ass all over the place.  She released 3 singles off of her new EP, recorded and produced by me and my buddy Zach Jones at the one and only GnM Studios.  Here’s the amazing video for the lead single ‘Parents' House’ (the full EP drops June 2nd) - 

    Also, ItsTheReal has finalized our deal with Empire Distribution and our DEBUT ALBUM Teddy Bear Fresh will be released May 26th!  A couple singles have been released already, they’re getting a great response.  Please take a minute to like and follow and all the good stuff on your social media and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music etc…)  It helps A LOT!  Again, all tunes produced, engineered, mixed mixed and co-written right here at home by yours truly along with the 2 headed monster of this thing, my best friends - Eric and Jeff Rosenthal.  Here’s the latest single, WACO -

    I'm also back at it in the studio with the man himself, Robbie Gil.  We're hoping to zero in on completing tracking on the 1st of 4 EPs (that will culminate in a DOUBLE LP) by the end of June.  More on that as it develops!  And, I'm going to be updating my show page here with some dates I have coming up.  Come see me live one of these days!  Thanks for stopping by! GM

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