Hey hey hey!  We got us heatwave after heatwave here  in NYC, I’m sitting in a coffee shop (the usual when I’m writing these updates), trying to stay cool before yet another outdoor gig in 97 degree heat and 94% humidity.  A winning combination for us guitar players. 

   DONE COMPLAINING, I promise.  I’ve been having the time of my life traveling for gigs over the past few months.  From Nice, France with Jon Bon Jovi and friends to Portland, Oregon with Blood Sweat and Tears to wedding after wedding in the Hamptons, all is well! 

I’ve been holding out on you… I spent most of June working on a super secret TV project for FOX.  Well, I can finally talk about it! It’s called Masked Singer. It’s a celebrity based singing s… you know what.. just watch the trailer.  I produced a bunch of the tracks these masked singers are singing to! Airs January 2019! 

    Otherwise, in studioland we have a release date and accompanying release show for BSKi’s new single!  August 29th at Joe’s Pub, be there! 

    I’ll keep you posted on everything else as it happens.  Thanks for stopping by! GM

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