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 - Kanjiklub - Back to Jakku
 - Robbie GilHappy? Side A (EP)
 - Zach Jones and The Tricky Bits - Are You A Hologram? (EP)

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Check out ItsTheReal at - www.itsthereal.com

Kanjiklub...? Kanjiklub! 

     A couple years ago, during both of our 4th viewings of The Force Awakens, one of my best pals, Zach Jones whispered to me, ‘that’s a pretty good band name’... and ‘that’s a good name for a song’. Kanjiklub and ‘Back To Jakku’ were conceived!  A week later he called and showed me what would become the title track. It’s been a long pregnancy, but our debut record is finally born!
     We formed a band of rebels along with Steven Salcedo, Chris Anderson, Christopher Kuffner, and Oscar Albis Rodriguez, and the rebellion grows stronger by the day!  You don’t have to be a Star Wars fan to dig the record, but if you are it’s all the better. 
BIG thank you to Jonathan Jetter at Right Angle Recording for mastering and Martin Rivas for the artwork. 
Check it out on bandcamp, and soon on iTunes and Spotify and all the others.


LOTS to discuss... Wow. I've been spending more time in the studio than I ever could have hoped for.  It's been an AMAZING few months.  And the fruits of my friends and my labor are starting to mature into buyable products! 

 - The first of 4 EPs by The Robbie Gil Band (formerly just Robbie Gil and the confusing Robbie Gil and the Band, sometimes referred to as Robbie and the Gil Band... long story) has a release date!  It will be out in the world DECEMBER 8th.  We will be celebrating the release of Happy? Side a the only way we know how... with a show at Rockwood Stage 2!  That very night at 9pm!  The record will be available for preorder next week!  Stay tuned!

 - One of my best friends in the world, Zach Jones has a group called Zach Jones and the Tricky Bits.  Zach gave me the honor of mixing their incredible sophomore EP, Are You A Hologram?.  Incredible isn't even the word... But it's all I got.  It's coming out on November 18, stay tuned for that as well! 

 - For many years, I've been working with my friend and wonderful kid's artist Suzi Shelton (she's not a kid, she plays kids music).  She tapped my friend (and her drummer) Dan Weiner and I to produce her latest record!  We've been in and out of the studio over the past few months working on that as well.  She's launching a KICKSTARTER campaign to help fund the completion of this record.  If you, or your kids might be into GREAT kids music... stay tuned for the link to that as well!  

 - I'm also in the middle of working on a new single with my buddy BSKiDream To Wake Up To is a fan favorite at shows, and might be my favorite tune of ours.  I'm REALLY excited to put it on proverbial wax and get it out to you in the near future as well! In English AND Spanish!

There's more... but this is enough for now I think.  Thanks for stopping by!  GM

Teddy Bear Fresh 

When I make beats or instrumentals, I usually label the tracks with the date because I have no idea what to name it otherwise. I don't know what it's going to sound like.  Eric Rosenthal, Jeff Rosenthal and I (AKA ItsTheReal) released an album today. It's called #TeddyBearFresh and we've been working on it for at least 5 years now. According to my pro tools sessions, at least one of these tracks was started as far back as 2012. 
It's been a true labor of love and we hope you'll spend 40 or so minutes checking it out. (It sounds really good if you play it loud) 
If you have half as much fun listening to it as we have made it, then we've had twice as much fun as you. 
Check it out on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal... all the usual dives. THANK YOU!


Airports…  there’s never the right amount of time that you’re sitting and waiting for your flight.  Either you get there way too early and you’re waiting for hours, watching Star Wars in full before boarding the plane, or you’re racing down the Van Wick (at 15mph, it’s top speed given the traffic) hoping you’re going to make it on time. 

    Anyway, I’m usually the former, as I am this morning.  I’m beyond Thunderdome at LaGuardia Airport in NYC (construction is outta control here) heading to Atlanta for the day.  So I decided to take this time to finally update you all a little more on what I’ve been doing. 

     Well… TALAY has been kicking ass all over the place.  She released 3 singles off of her new EP, recorded and produced by me and my buddy Zach Jones at the one and only GnM Studios.  Here’s the amazing video for the lead single ‘Parents' House’ (the full EP drops June 2nd) - 

    Also, ItsTheReal has finalized our deal with Empire Distribution and our DEBUT ALBUM Teddy Bear Fresh will be released May 26th!  A couple singles have been released already, they’re getting a great response.  Please take a minute to like and follow and all the good stuff on your social media and streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music etc…)  It helps A LOT!  Again, all tunes produced, engineered, mixed mixed and co-written right here at home by yours truly along with the 2 headed monster of this thing, my best friends - Eric and Jeff Rosenthal.  Here’s the latest single, WACO -

    I'm also back at it in the studio with the man himself, Robbie Gil.  We're hoping to zero in on completing tracking on the 1st of 4 EPs (that will culminate in a DOUBLE LP) by the end of June.  More on that as it develops!  And, I'm going to be updating my show page here with some dates I have coming up.  Come see me live one of these days!  Thanks for stopping by! GM

BSKi Debut Record!! Plus ItsTheReal show!  

That's right!  BSKi's debut record is out in the world!!  Thank you so much to everyone who picked up a copy.  We're so proud of it, so excited by the response it's received.  Check it out, and spread the word!!!

AND ItsTheReal is putting together our biggest show yet!  February 23rd, we're packing the crowd into SOB's in Manhattan.  I'm extra freaking out because the one and only Just Blaze will be serving as or DJ for the night!  He's going to be spinning my tunes!  I'm freakin out!  Come on out and see what all the fuss is about - 

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time...


GREG MAYO BAND - Christmas Spectacular!! DEC 17 

364 days will have passed since the last time we did this thing... And I think we've finally recovered. It's time again for the GREG MAYO BAND CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR!! This year, bigger than ever! 

Special guests include - Paul Loren, Robbie Gil, Zach Jones and many more! 

Always a FREE SHOW! 

SO! Dust off your favorite ugly Christmas sweater, get yourself a drink, and let's play PASS THE JINGLE BELLS (seriously... we're going to pass the Jingle Bells around during the show) 

*** Before us at 9pm I'll be playing with the immaculate ROBBIE GIL!! Come see! *** 

Greg Mayo Band IS - 
Paul Maddison 
Chris Anderson 
Kenny Shaw 
Rebecca Haviland 
Steven Salcedo 
Kenny Warren 
John Liotta 
Greg Mayo

New Single from ItsTheReal 

Hey hey!  The new single from my best friends and partners, ItsTheReal is out TODAY!  The tune is called Dave Matthews Bands, I produced and mixed it here at GnM. It premiered on TheFader.com today at noon.  Please take a minute to check it out!  I'll post the full video here soon.  
#DAVEMATTHEWSBANDS is the lead single off our mixtape 'Teddy Bear Fresh' coming soon!!  Catch up with you later.  Thanks for stopping by! GM

Live News! Studio News!  

Hey hey!  I've got to be better about writing updates here... My apologies if you happen to look at this site more than once every 3 months! I got back yesterday from Norway and 3 INCREDIBLE shows with Bernhoft.  I've been back and forth 3 times this year working with him, and I have to say I've had the time of my life.  I've even built in a little time for some sightseeing.  At the moment we don't have any more dates in the books(although he has a ton, go see him if you can!), but I cannot wait to get back before too long.  

I've also FINISHED my work on the BSKi record!  If you've contributed to his Kickstarter campaign, you should be getting your reward pretty soon!  For the rest of us, the record will be out shortly after that.  I'm so proud of the work we've done, make sure you check it out!  

Third, and lastly for now - We broke ground on a groundbreaking new album for Robbie Gil!  As some of you know, the guys in Brooklyn Sugar Company have been his backing band for over 5 years now.  We've recorded and release a live album in that time but never any studio material.  In that spirt, we dove in head first up at GnM studios on what will become a double album!  Robbie's asked me to produce the record, so we spent the better part of the month on pre-production and arrangements.  The rest of the time we spent building a new iso booth for the studio itself!  We put a piano in there and it got its first use on these sessions!  I love the songs, the sounds, the vibe - this record is going to be incredible.

Talk to ya soon! Thanks for stopping by, GM

2 Posts In A Week?! Because Norway! That's Why! 

Hey again!  So I mentioned a few days ago that I produced a tune for a wonderful trans-Atlantic duo - Freedom Bremner and Arvid Martinsen. Well, it's here!  It'll be available on iTunes on July 7th when the tune is officially debuted live in Mosjoen, Norway.  Here's the music video, shot (and recorded) at my very own GnM Studios!

In other amazing news, many more dates are coming in with Bernhoft!  I'll be back and forth from Europe a few more times before the year is out.  Keep checking back for the dates as they're announced. 

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