In The Trenches

I've spent the past couple months in the trenches.  Literally and figuratively.  I've been working my days away in the studio on a few new projects (figurative trench 1). I feel like I've seen (and played) every catering hall and barn within a 60 mile radius of NYC, and I've played every terrible father/daughter song in the book (use your imagination) (figurative trench 2).  And I actually took some time off with a 2 week trip to France where I happened to explore Normandy (literal trench!).  Check my Instagram for some pics of my travels!  A small piece of advice from your friendly 30 year old know-nothing musician type - TRAVEL as much as you can!  Go explore!  Because why not.

- My very favorite hip hop group (which happens to contain my very favorite people), ItsTheReal are working on our second mixtape, #UrbaneOutfitters 2.  In my humble opinion, it kicks the ass of last year's record and when it comes out (sometime in the late fall, I think) you will agree!

- Next week I'll finish mixes on Sabrina Stone's new EP!  We've been working the last couple months to finish up this beautiful record.  I was brought in usher this baby across the finish line, adding a few sparkles here and there and producing final vocals, and finally mixing!  Expect it out in the world before the end of the year!

- I've been co-writing and playing a bit with my friend Brian Collazo.  He is one of the most incredible vocalists I've ever heard an I'm honored to have been working with him lately.  Not only that, but he has chosen ME to produce the debut EP of his new project entitled Bski. We started tracking this week, and this record is going to SLAY.  More updates as we progress! 

Check back with you soon!

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