Mixing it up!

     When young people ask me what the daily life of musician is like, I never know what to say.  Truly, no two days are alike, not in the slightest.  I got back from the Leslie DiNicola tour in January and a few days later had my first gig with Blood Sweat and Tears!  Yep, I've started playing on and off with them, which has been an absolute honor.  That music is a welcome challenge, stretching my brain and my hands.  I'll be doing a handful of dates with them over the next couple months!  Check the tour page for all the info! 

      In studioland I've been mixing, mixing, and more mixing.  Actually, as I type I'm listening back to the masters of Suzi Shelton's forthcoming record!  Produced, engineered, and mixed by yours truly and my good friend Dan Weiner!  If you and your family are into kindie music, methinks you will flip out for this record.   

      In other news, I'm finishing the mix for BSKi's new single, Robbie Gil's new EP and even a single I'm producing for longtime friend and INCREDIBLE singer, Chrissi Poland!  Keep an eye on the horizon (or this website) for all the details and release dates!  Thanks for stopping by!  GM


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